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Date: 27 Jan 2009 13:47:06
From: Pahu
Subject: Science Disproves Evolution
Rapid Burial

Fossils all over the world show evidence of rapid burial. Many
fossils, such as fossilized jellyfish (a), show by the details of
their soft, fleshy portions (b) that they were buried rapidly, before
they could decay. (Normally, dead animals and plants quickly
decompose.) The presence of fossilized remains of many other animals,
buried in mass graves and lying in twisted and contorted positions,
suggests violent and rapid burials over large areas (c). These
observations, together with the occurrence of compressed fossils and
fossils that cut across two or more layers of sedimentary rock, are
strong evidence that the sediments encasing these fossils were
deposited rapidly=97not over hundreds of millions of years. Furthermore,
almost all sediments that formed today=92s rocks were sorted by water.
The worldwide fossil record is, therefore, evidence of rapid death and
burial of animal and plant life by a worldwide, catastrophic flood.
The fossil record is not evidence of slow change (d).

a. Thousands of jellyfish, many bigger than a dinner plate, are found
in at least seven different horizons of coarse-grained, abrasive
sandstone in Wisconsin. [See James W. Hagadorn et al., =93Stranded on a
Late Cambrian Shoreline: Medusae from Central Wisconsin,=94 Geology,
Vol. 30, No. 2, February 2002, pp. 147=96150.]

Coarse grains slowly covering a jellyfish would allow atmospheric
oxygen to migrate in and produce rapid decay. Burial in clay or mud
would better shield an organism from decay. If coarse-grain sand
buried these jellyfish in a storm, turbulence and abrasion by the sand
grains would tear and destroy the jellyfish.

Charles Darwin recognized the problem of finding fossilized soft-
bodied organisms such as jellyfish. He wrote:

=93No organism wholly soft can be preserved.=94 Charles Darwin, The Origin
of Species, p. 330.

Once again, a prediction of evolution is seen to be wrong.

Preston Cloud and Martin F. Glaessner, =93The Ediacarian Period and
System: Metazoa Inherit the Earth,=94 Science, Vol. 217, 27 August 1982,
pp. 783=96792. [See also the cover of that issue.]

Martin F. Glaessner, =93Pre-Cambrian Animals,=94 Scientific American, Vol.
204, March 1961, pp. 72=9678.

b. Donald G. Mikulic et al., =93A Silurian Soft-Bodied Biota,=94 Science,
Vol. 228, 10 May 1985, pp. 715=96717.

=93... preconditions for the preservation of soft-bodied faunas: rapid
burial of fossils in undisturbed sediment; deposition in an
environment free from the usual agents of immediate destruction=97
primarily oxygen and other promoters of decay, and the full range of
organisms, from bacteria to large scavengers, that quickly reduce most
carcasses to oblivion in nearly all earthly environments; and minimal
disruption by the later ravages of heat, pressure, fracturing, and
erosion....But the very conditions that promote preservation also
decree that few organisms, if any, make their natural homes in such
places.=94 Stephen Jay Gould, Wonderful Life (New York: W. W. Norton &
Co., 1989), pp. 61=9662.

c. Presse Grayloise, =93Very Like a Whale,=94 The Illustrated London News,
1856, p. 116.

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(Boston: Gould and Lincoln, 1858), pp. 221=96225.

d. Harold G. Coffin, Origin By Design (Washington, D.C.: Review and
Herald Publishing Assn., 1983), pp. 30=9640.

Date: 27 Jan 2009 19:51:25
From: MrBookworm
Subject: Re: Science Disproves Evolution


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Date: 28 Jan 2009 03:04:07
From: Beldin the Sorcerer
Subject: Re: Science Disproves Evolution

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Rapid Burial
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Date: 27 Jan 2009 14:15:21
From: Bill T
Subject: Re: Science Disproves Evolution
Here is a very good look at why evolution is not compatible with religion: