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Date: 04 Jan 2009 22:12:01
From: Anonymous Remailer
Subject: Favorite B&M's

I've played in Vegas, various cities in Nevada, and California, as well as
across the SW and midwest. I have to say I've found Vegas disappointing,
though I'll admit I haven't played there 'that' extensively. I don't like
the noise where I've played. Much of them are far too open to noise and
extraneous activity. I like a quiet poker room, aside from the occasional
hoots and hollars of a winner or loser. I've also found the dealers in LV to
be too young, perhaps it's immaturity, but I noticed it in the older dealers be dis-engaged from the contestants and the game. Many of them are
just downright dull. That's the best I can put it. I like a dealer who
really loves what he/she is doing. Who even respects and takes interests in
the contestants, learning thier names and nicknames quickly. Even talking
when off duty and taking a liking to you and your play.

In several places I've played, especially in a places like Missouri, Kansas
City, I've found the games to be non-sensically partial to home boys and
played like "home games." (Reaching in the pot to take their call out when
there was a raise ahead of them...being allowed). I've made it my rule never
to return to such a place, and let know my displeasure. Not to any favorable
end mind you. No big deal, just don't return.

My favorite place of all time has to be Prairie Meadows in Altoona, Iowa.
This is not a plug, and I am not an employee, or represent them in any other
way. I just thought it could use some new meat! Beware though, it is full of
very competent, some excellent, and I do mean excellent, players. It is well
run, for the most part impartial. Seldom vearing from the malleable rules of
poker. The dealers, for the most part are excellent and happy with what they
are doing. Very engaged and sharp minded. They should be I suppose, they are
a government owned and run casino, having the best benefits that can be had
as employees. All are tipped well too, and they stay.
They're not perfect, but the best I've had the pleasure to play under. They
are not allowed to play even in their off time. They have jackpots for every
straight flush and jackpot is also awarded for beating Aces full of Jacks or

Give this place a shot if you want to test your mettle, I think you'll like
it! Sometimes, though not often, you can also hit some really easy money.
You can find them on the web. Let me know when you are going to be there!
Yes, I am aware there might be some who disagree, and that's fine, your
opinion is welcome and valued as far as I am concerned.

Date: 04 Jan 2009 15:30:24
From: da pickle
Subject: Re: Favorite B&M's
"Anonymous Remailer"

> Let me know when you are going to be there!

Well, who are you and how do we let you know?

Date: 05 Jan 2009 03:04:44
From: Anonymous Remailer
Subject: Re: Favorite B&M's

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"da pickle" <jcpickels@(nospam) > wrote:
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> "Anonymous Remailer"
> Let me know when you are going to be there!
> Well, who are you and how do we let you know?

I can be reached at
I rather like my anonymity, but you could call me joe lunchbucket.